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Fordham Graduate School of Education Launches TED-like Talks on Pressing Educational Issues


The Fordham Graduate School of Education announces the launch of a series of TED-like talks this month, featuring the dynamic expertise and insights of GSE faculty members. These short powerful talks will highlight some of the most pressing educational issues of our time, particularly for underrepresented and underserved students.

Kicking off the series is a thought-provoking talk on anti-racist assessment and culturally responsive therapy presented by assistant professor Alea Holman, Ph.D. Next in the series is a presentation of inspirational ideas and innovative solutions about how to end the existence of book deserts, featuring associate professor Molly Ness, Ph.D.

“The Fordham talks are a way for viewers to become a little more informed and sympathetic about current issues in education,” said Akane Zusho, PhD, Interim Dean of the Fordham Graduate School of Education. “As experts and influencers, they share their insights on issues of importance in an effort to generate understanding, create dialogue, and open the gateway to solutions that impact the future of our educational system.”

The videos can be viewed on our website, or via the school’s YouTube channel. Please take a moment to subscribe to the channel to receive notifications when new videos are uploaded.


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