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Molly Ness on the Value of Teacher Think Alouds


In a recently published article, “Teacher Think Alouds Work in Every Subject,” GSE Associate Professor of Curriculum and Teaching Molly Ness, PhD, shared how teachers can boost student learning and engagement at all ages by reading (and thinking) aloud in every subject. She noted: “Students who are exposed to think alouds outperform their peers without such instruction on measures of reading comprehension. Think alouds make invisible cognitive processes visible for our students.” She concluded by emphasizing, “The secret to success lies in planning think alouds well.”

Read her full article here.

Ness is the author of Think Big With Think Alouds, Grades K-5: A Three-Step Planning Process That Develops Strategic Readers (Corwin, 2018). You can read more about her ideas for grades K-5 at the NCTE Blog. Read a review of Think Big with Think Alouds here at MiddleWeb.


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