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Graduate School of Education Inducts 40 Outstanding Teaching Students into Fordham’s Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society


During a recent virtual ceremony with 72 attendees, the Graduate School of Education congratulated 40 new members of Fordham’s Lambda Xi Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi (KDP) International Honor Society in Education.

Founded in 1911, the prestigious international organization’s stated mission is to inspire and equip future and new teachers to thrive, with a vision to support these excellent teachers as they build communities and create lifelong opportunities by providing quality, equitable education for all.

The celebration of the students’ achievements included a welcome by KDP faculty advisor and professor Marilyn Bisberg, plus introductory remarks by Graduate School of Education dean José Luis Alvarado, Ph.D., who noted:

Today is the first day of your membership in Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society. It’s an honor to be inducted into this society; I remember when I was inducted many years ago during my teacher certification program.” He added, “I can tell you that it’s been a wonderful experience. It’s also recognition of the efforts you’ve put into your preparation, and it certainly exemplifies the quality teachers that you will be once you complete our program.” The dean concluded, “Congratulations – you make us all proud. You are a group of individuals who really care about teaching, really care about education, really care about what happens in classrooms, and most importantly really care about every student.”

KDP chapter officer and associate professor Aida Nevárez-La Torre, Ed.D., later led the inductees as they promised to abide by the standards of KDP, emphasizing the importance of KDP’s six core values: excellence; integrity; expertise; equity; diversity; and empathy.

In her concluding remarks, curriculum and teaching division chair Chun Zhang, Ph.D., encouraged the inductees to “follow their ideas, be open to enrichment from society, and always remember the values and perspectives learned in their time at Fordham Graduate School of Education.”

Bisberg echoed heartfelt congratulations to the following GSE spring 2022 inductees, warmly welcoming them as they went from inductees to members of the Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society:

1) Neried Acosta; 2) Gilliam Bennis; 3) Tiffany Brookes; 4) Lori-Ann Cardoza; 5) Junesse Cartagena; 6) Samra Cekic; 7) Tricia Clarke; 8) Isabel Cooper; 9) Ana De Jesus; 10) Artina Ellsworth; 11) Kylie Elwood; 12) Julia Fahey; 13) Gretchen Grewe; 14) Antonia Grisanti; 15) Tylar Havens; 16) Christopher Kennedy; 17) Hayley Lettera; 18) Crystal Lopez; 19) Michael Marcantonio; 20) Hannah Murphy; 21) Robert Niewiadomski; 22) Juliana Odame-Labi; 23) Maria Payano; 24) Hassan Payano; 25) Cristina Perez; 26) Sydney Phelan; 27) Jessica Rodriguez; 28) Francesca Russo; 29) Adeyinka Samuel; 30) Amie Smith; 31) Susan Smith; 32) Danielle Solinski; 33) Claudia Tagliavia; 34) Dominique Teixeira; 35) Mary Terry; 36) Carrie Anne Tocci; 37) Jerlisa Ware; 38) Jacqueline Watson; 39) Anna Whitty; 40) Huifei Yao.

More information on the Fordham Graduate School of Education Honor Societies may be accessed here.


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