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Fordham GSE Doctoral Psychology Students Earn Prestigious Internship Placements through National Selection Process


The Fordham Graduate School of Education (GSE) is pleased to announce that 15 students received placements in the highly competitive American Psychological Association’s (APA) Professional Psychology Internship Match process for doctoral psychology students. The successful APA-accredited site placements for the GSE’s applicants were in Counseling Psychology (11 of 11) and School Psychology (4 of 4).

“It is a true testament to the excellence of our Fordham GSE Counseling Psychology program that all of our doctoral students achieved placements at prestigious APA-accredited sites throughout the country,” stated Merle Keitel, PhD, Director of Training for the GSE Counseling and Counseling Psychology Division.  “Over half of these scholars not only received offers, but also got placements at their first choice sites and participated in a record number of interviews.”

As part of a rigorous internship application process, counseling psychology students must initially submit an application, three or four essays, transcripts, and letters of recommendation. Those chosen to continue in the process then participate in multiple interviews to determine a final internship match between applicants and positions at available sites.

“I am thrilled to have matched at my top choice internship at the University of San Diego Counseling Center,” said GSE counseling psychology doctoral student Kristin Lipari. “I am not only excited by the excellent training and supervision I will receive there, but I am also grateful for the opportunity to move to southern California with my young family, a longstanding dream.” Lipari concluded, “Applying for a doctoral internship is inherently stressful, especially at geographically-competitive sites. I am confident that the internship, coupled with the outstanding preparation I received in Fordham’s doctoral program, will position me well for a variety of opportunities in the future.”

Successful school psychology internship applicants must engage in a demanding year-long process, including submitting applications; doing interviews; and working a minimum of an additional 500-1000 hours in practical training experiences (beyond the minimum requirements) in order to be competitive.

“Securing a school psychology doctoral internship through the APPIC [Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers] Match Process involves successfully completing many steps in a highly rigorous process,” noted Abigail Harris, PhD, Director of the School Psychology Program.  “The fact that the GSE doctoral students entering the match achieved a 100% internship match rate is exceptional, particularly in the very competitive New York Tristate area,” she added. “It’s a truly outstanding result and I heartily congratulate them.”

Throughout the internship application process, Fordham GSE’s Psychological and Educational Services (PES) Division faculty support doctoral internship applicants in many ways, including by writing letters of recommendation, planning with their advisees, and providing a copy of the division’s comprehensive internship handbook.

Congratulations to the students listed below on their doctoral internship placements:

Counseling Psychology Internship Placements:

  1. Anne Marcia Alpers – Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA – Psychology Internship Program
  2. Caroline Lee Brachfeld – New York University/Bellevue Hospital Center, New York, NY – Adult Psychology Track
  3. Christina Lee Clemons – U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, New Jersey Health Care System – Lyons, NJ
  4. Alex Lamm – U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, New York Harbor Healthcare System – Brooklyn
  5. Lauren Latella – Mt. Sinai Medical Center/Adolescent Health Center – New York, NY
  6. Kristen Lipari – University of San Diego Counseling Center, San Diego, CA
  7. Mikaela Pitcan – Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, MD – Navy Internship
  8. Andrea Spacone Pratt – Cincinnati Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH – Health Program
  9. Leia Allison Ting – James J. Peters Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Bronx, NY – Neuropsychology Track
  10. Hannah Wertz – U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, New York Harbor Healthcare System – Manhattan Campus
  11. Kim Nguyen – Hamilton-Madison House, New York, NY. 

School Psychology Internship Placements

  1. Mary Braddock – The School at Columbia University/Child Study Team – New York, NY
  2. Tara Gore – Westchester Jewish Community Services, White Plains, NY
  3. Eleanor Smith – North Kansas City Schools, Kansas City, MO
  4. Ruhee Sutar – Centerstone Consortium, Centerstone Hospital – Bradenton, FL

In addition, school psychology doctoral student Ariel Blum secured a recently APA-accredited doctoral internship in the Pleasantville Union Free School District, Pleasantville, NY. Counseling psychology doctoral student Sophia Hoffman also obtained a doctoral internship at Montefiore Medical Center, the University Hospital for Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY.

Finally, all 2017 GSE psychology graduates who took it passed the Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP), the national psychology licensing exam.


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