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Great School Leaders Are Often Found in the Classroom


David Markham ’13 (Childhood Special Education MST) was honored at the The Evening of Teacher Recognition and Call to Discernment from the New York Archdiocese’s Superintendent of Schools Office and the Curran Catholic School Leadership Academy. Markham teachers second and third grade at St. Simon Stock parish in the Bronx.

“You have to take a step back—it’s nice to see where your hard work pays off,” he said.

It was easy to see from Markham’s enthusiasm and the pleasant way he communicated the good things happening in his classroom that he would be the type of teacher who would warrant such recognition.

He told me about four or five interesting projects and concepts that he was addressing with his students. One stuck out. It was a student of the month contest with a couple of twists. The theme for February’s contest was forgiveness. Students cast their votes on index cards, fostering participation in the voting process and also that “your voice makes a difference,” the teacher said. Markham said he encourages students not to vote for their best friends, and to “think about their vote.”

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