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Teaching Master’s Students Complete Behavior Management Case Studies


Students in Su-Je Cho, Ph.D.’s Environments for Managing Challenging Behaviors (PSGE6324) class recently completed behavior management projects wherein they

  • identified a student with challenging behavior,
  • figured out the function of the target behavior,
  • designed an intervention plan, and
  • implemented the plan while collecting baseline and intervention data.

Browse the slideshow below to see photos from the project and read students’ reactions.

BehaviorManagement (32)
"It was the final project that allowed putting the hard work in almost bullet-like conclusions. It gave opportunity to simply 'see' the amount of work that needs to be done in order to help one student succeed. Displaying pictures of my student made me realize how much I treasure his efforts to improve and natural curiosity and sense of wonder. Also, I think the poster form forced me to state the essence of what I have learned and accomplished." - Sylwia, Photo by Su-Je Cho
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