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Margo Jackson, Ph.D., Leads Constructive Diversity Pedagogy Project


Margo Jackson, Ph.D.Professor Margo Jackson, Ph.D., is leading a university-wide collaborative project for new faculty to develop critical consciousness and skills to facilitate challenging diversity dialogues in the classroom.

The Constructive Diversity Pedagogy PAR (Participatory Action Research) with New Faculty will develop

  • critical consciousness of potential blind spots;
  • empathic resources for recognizing pervasive social injustice influences in our classrooms at internal, interpersonal, and contextual (environmental, structural, institutional) levels; and
  • skills to constructively facilitate challenging diversity dialogues in our classrooms that include multiple voices, consider alternative perspectives, promote social justice, and expand learning.

The aim of the (PAR) project is to engage a team of faculty as participants, formative evaluators, and contributors to documenting and sharing useful results.


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