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With [the Every Student Succeeds Act], States Should Partner with Districts


Professor Mike McGill published an article in EdWeek on the opportunity for federal, state, and local collaboration that recognizes school and community distinctiveness under the Every Student Succeeds Act.

States are now in a position to move beyond yesterday’s top-down policies and to create an unprecedented kind of collaboration that’s essential for real school improvement. To do that, they must foster—and Washington must support—an ongoing, authentic dialogue across all three levels that respects the strengths and wisdom of each one.

This dialogue must start with the understanding that there’s no single education problem in America. What works depends heavily on what is at the local level. Instead of acting as if all schools were failing and could be improved by the same strategies, policies must recognize the differences among them. The very best policies will enhance the distinctiveness and originality of every school and its surrounding community.

Read the full article EdWeek.


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